New Leaf in Pictures, Week 3

Man, I am loving now you get to pick and choose Public Works projects to expand your town. Sure, it takes a while, but that’s Animal Crossing for you.


I finished paying off the Dream Suite this week, where you get to visit the uploaded towns of New Life players from all around the world. The game was released in Japan and Korea last year, so naturally I travelled to a Korean town.


Pretty great. However, since these are not “live” towns (dreeeeeaaaaams) you do not get to do much. You can steal fruit, but you do not get to keep it when you wake up. Whatever you do during these dreams does not affect the other person at all. Although it would be cool if maybe they received a message about your visit after the fact.

The player’s characters will wander the town, although obviously they are not available for live chat. Seemed sort of appropriate that I visited a town in a dream where no one spoke my language.


With the (expensive) Dream Suite fully funded, it is on to the (expensive) museum expansion!


I caught a Banded Dragonfly down on the Island. These were a pain in the ass to catch in previous Animal Crossing games, so I am glad it is off of my list early.


Katie is back! She wants you to take her to visit online friends.


Lyle is back! Bang.


Gulliver with the Super Mario Sunshine ref. Nice.


Finally getting the store at the end of the lane built. I’m guessing you do not trigger this one until you buy enough clothes from the Able Sisters?




Clark was really excited to finally earn Island access, although the minigame assortment when he got there was kind of lousy. And he was SHOCKED to see that they do not accept Bells down there.


Club LOL opened! Although I can’t look at that without seeing Club 101. How much do you think Nook is charging Shrunk to have that sign mounted there?


K.K. acoustic.

And, lastly for this week, some solid advice:


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