The Adventures of Turnpike Man II


Before I recycle it, here’s a panoramic pic of the side of a Turnpike Man cup that probably dates from the early ’90s. Naturally, it’s from a turnpike rest stop of some sort. I do not recall if this was PA or NJ. Do other states even have turnpikes? Can you even recycle plastic this old?

What’s great is that this trio already looks like most of the character designs I’ve encountered in DC Universe Online. Although if this was DCUO, their names would be junk like DARKQUALITYMAN, Deathpike6969, and ULTRA SEX.

Dig those crazy vehicle armor bits on Turnpike Man! He’s conquering hunger and thirst with superior service!

I have a vague memory of a comic that went along with this, like it was some kind of kids meal thing that children would enjoy while their parents bought maps and wiper blades.

The real question is, if this is Turnpike Man II, what happened to the original?