All God's Village was the site of an ancient ritual held to appease a restless evil. As tradition held, the ritual involved twins... when the nameless abyss began to rumble, the ceremony demanded that one twin must kill the other. Until one set of twins attempted to run from the horror and the entire village paid the price. And so All God's Village disappeared, lost to legend.

Quite by accident, you have found this time-lost place. The ghosts of the villagers sense your presence and want to sacrifice you to mend the terrible damage done so long in the past. For the evil is growing again...

Your only defense is a mystical camera, able to dispel the spirits by taking pictures of them. The time of the ritual is fast approaching and the village must claim a new victim. Will you escape in time? Or will you become a crimson sacrifice?

So begins Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, available for your PlayStation2 or Xbox.

Based on the acclaimed PS2 video game series by Tecmo, Fatal Frame: the Card Game lets two to four players enter a world of tormented spirits, supernatural cameras and horrifying ancient traditions. Designed by fans fond of true-to-game detail, yet broad enough to be enjoyed by anyone, FF:tCG is an unofficial and unauthorized non-collectible card game... presented here totally free. To play, you just need to print out the cards!

This Crimson Butterfly Edition follows the characters and storyline of the second game in the series, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

The game begins with a facedown 3x3 grid of cards representing All God's Village. Each player starts with a single card, the basic version of the famed Camera Obscura. As players enter the village the cards are turned over, revealing locations from the video game. Houses in the village may be entered and explored further, via a separate mini-deck of interior location cards. Once inside, players may play rare Item cards for points.

Ghost cards may be played on opponents or on yourself, and are fought using the Camera Obscura. Some ghosts are worth points; others have a beneficial side effect once you capture them. Many ghosts have some negative effect on your fight, punishing you for failing to beat them. Although most ghosts are dangerous, some rare spirits are there to help you.

The Camera Obscura's power over ghosts may be enhanced with Camera Upgrade cards. Better film, specialized functions and spirit orbs will all help to personalize and improve your game. Actual ghost combat is handled with a die roll... the higher the result, the better!

Then there are Action cards, which will allow you to pull off various tricks or treats. Play "Zero Shot" to improve your roll against a ghost. Follow the butterflies of "Beautiful Portent" to pull a card from the discard pile. Hit an opponent with "Behind You" so he or she has to fight a captured ghost again.

Once you have collected the proper amount of points (on Items and/or Ghosts in your Photo Album), you may enter Kureha Shrine and confront one of the four deadly Boss Ghosts. Bosses have a life meter... you must score three hits to beat them. Be the first to finish off a Boss Ghost and win the game! And as for the Remaining players... well, the spirits of All God's Village have plans for them.

Are you prepared to enter the lost village? Head to the cards page and print out the PDF files (Acrobat Reader or PDF viewer required). Cut out all the cards; we suggest using regular poker cards and gaming card sleeves for a polished and shuffle-ready finish (details on the cards page.) Check out the rules... they're easier than you might think! Get some dice and some friends and you're ready to play!

Although this game is completely playable as it exists online right now, it may undergo changes or revisions as playtesting continues. So watch this site for future announcements or alterations! You'll find my designer's thoughts and commentary on the notes page. Or feel free to contact me directly. I hope you enjoy Fatal Frame: the Card Game!

Joe Fourhman


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