Relive a little Mappy glory with these sound samples. Plus, here's some rare Mappy merch: Namco's video game music soundtracks, straight from Japan! Check out (or your favorite video game importer) to track down your own.

Namco Classic Collection: Volume 1
This CD collects all the sound samples from Galaga, Xevious, Mappy... and the Arrangement versions of each. The Arrangement Mappy tunes remix the classic Mappy background music and the bonus music, plus several melodies that are exclusive to Arrangement. One of the remixed themes sounds very similar to the jazzy Mappy theme from PlayStation's Namco Museum #2.

My copy of NCC: Volume 1 came with two interesting looking trading cards, one for Galaga and one for Xevious. Notice which game isn't represented? Mappy fan Thomas was luckier than I; his copy came with a card for Mappy, viewable here. These cards came with instructions (in Japanese) for some kind of trading card battle game. If anyone knows how this strange Namco TCG works - send Mappyland an e-mail!

Download some MaP3s right here from our Mapster server!


Mappy Arrangement

Mappy Remixed

  • Mappy(Mix) :52 sample track
    (from NCC: Techno Maniax)

Namco Classic Collection: Techno Maniax
Despite having nearly the same name as the above CD, this one is purely remixes of various Namco game themes. All the tracks are of the techno- upsampled- synthesized- dance club variety. Mappy is represented on two tracks. "Mappy (Latin Makes You Happy)" is from Mappy Arrangement. "Mappy (Mix)" is the traditional bonus theme music. The other games included are Pac-Man, Rally-X, Galaga, Xevious and Dig-Dug.

Although there is only 8 tracks, they are all very long. Too long, in most cases, as the technonsense just keeps repeating itself for 5, 6 or 8 minutes. Still, it's a good listen... and it might be a fun one to slip to your next dance party DJ.

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