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Throughout these pages, you might find the following items of interest:

  • Links for Red Dwarf, OverPower, They Might Be Giants, comic books, Twin Peaks, Duke Nukem. (Link Farm)
  • Links for cool emulators, and maybe a rom or two... (Link Farm)
  • Short stories written by me. (Research)
  • Rules for some games I'm currently and independently developing, like a card game based on Red Dwarf. (Research)
  • A fun and chaotic multiplayer variant for Magic: the Gathering. (Research)
  • Goofy backstory on StocDred. (DredInfo)
  • Links to friends and other vermin. (Research)
  • Random references to the good folks of TinyCWRU. (Scattered)
  • This month's entry for my "What the hell?" column. It's probably not updated, but still interesting. (Research)

Visit StocDred online at TinyCWRU! Our current address is tinycwru.tinymush.org 4201. Use your local TELNET client. TinyCWRU is the world's premiere social MUSH (Multi-User Simulated Hallucination). Actually, we're one of the only ones left.
We have no quotas and no theme... build and chat as much as you like. And, if TinyCWRU is down, you might find the gang slumming at OtherMUSH. But don't go there otherwise, unless you're into lame-ass pre-programmed 'bot-summoned commands and annoying, unstoppable spoofing.


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Latest Update: January 1998

If you hear music, it might be "Ana Ng" by They Might Be Giants.



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