Mitchell StocDred's Mitchell: The Card Game as seen on MST3K
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Mitchell: The Card Game consists of 118 cards (half of which are duplicates). Learn about the cards types by visiting each page below. Each page also has a printer-friendly version, so it's easy to make your own set. We suggest printing the card sheets out onto sticker paper, then cutting out the stickers and applying them to a regular Hoyle-style deck of cards. Or print (or copy) the card sheets directly onto high quality cardstock paper. Printing help tips are available in the Forum section.

Suspects (and Mitchell)    print
Investigation/Stakeout    print
Investigation/Car Chase    print
Investigation/Brawl    print
Investigation/Crime Scene    print
Investigation/Off Duty    print
Action/Change    print
Action/Force Draw    print
Action/Move    print
Action/Give    print
Reactions    print
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