Mitchell StocDred's Mitchell: The Card Game as seen on MST3K
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Cards - Suspects


The 8 Suspect cards represent the possible guilty parties Mitchell is trying to catch. The Mitchell card floats from Suspect to Suspect bothering them via the different suits of the Investigation cards.

Walter Deaney (John Saxon) is the slimy tough who aces Johnny Mathis and starts Mitchell on his new case. He pretends not to know which of his display guns are loaded.

James Arthur Cummins (Martin Balsam) is a middleman baddie caught in a web of criminal activity that he never really understands. Kind of odd that he ends up being the big kill at the movie's end.

Benton (Merlin Olsen) works for Cummins as a combination bodyguard, butler, chauffer, chef and who knows what else. Of all his duties, he fails the most as a chef.

Chief Albert Pallin (Robert Phillips) hates Mitchell, so he tries to keep him down by slapping with lame assignments, like pre-parked stakeout duty (without snack breaks.)

Greta (Linda Evans) is a lady of the evening who starts out getting paid to sleep with Mitchell by Deaney... and then she falls for him. Greta is also high a lot.

Salvatore Mistretta (Morgan Paull) is a criminal punk, but his uncle is the mighty Gallano, so Mistretta tends to get what he wants. What he wants in this caper is pretty unclear.

Tony Gallano (Harold J. Stone) is the don of this particular little underworld. It is by his grace that Cummins has any kind of influence. He is, as the stereotype would suggest, very Italian.

Rudy Moran (Sidney Clute) is another wing in Gallano's vast crime network. He is big enough for Cummins to want his help, but not big enough to get more than one scene.

Mitchell is our hero. That should give you an idea what kind of movie this is.

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