The Future of RD:TCG

Red Dwarf: The Card Game has been available on the internet since 1996. In that time, it has been playtested by many RD fans... some of whom have been kind enough to send me feedback! Based on their observations, here are some of my ideas to revise the game...

- Scrap the whole Focus/Distract paradigm. I've been thinking of replacing it with three versions of each cast member... normal, prat and plus. Each cast would start at normal, and then be either downgraded to prat version or upgraded to plus version. The prat version would lose all attached missions and travels, and be unable to receive a new mission until he goes back to normal. The plus version would be un-distractable. The cool thing about this system would be having fun characters like Ace Rimmer on the table.

- Kochanski. She's been a central figure since series 7, so should this become a five cast game? Maybe a Kristine mini-expansion set? ...with her cast card and five tasks that you could shuffle in at your own discretion?

- Two Hollys. Keeping Holly around for a crucial mission can be tough... should there by two Holly cards? Male and female?

If you have some thoughts on Red Dwarf: The Card Game, please send them to me!

Printing Help

The cards and rules are all collected on special printable pages. Look for the document icon in the lower right to open the printable version. Be aware that it may take some time for all of the card images to load!

Because the card images are all medium-quality jpegs, you're not going to get a super sharp image from this webpage. If I had the server space to post high-res PhotoShop files, I would! But until then, we're stuck with jpegs that tend to come out a little fuzzy and rastery.

Obviously, the quality of your printer will help immensely... either a very sharp black and white laser printer and a nice color printer is suggested. (Color preferred!) Also, make sure your browser isn't wrecking your game by printing the images too small.

Make sure your browser is set to print at 100%. On a Macintosh (Netscape or Explorer), go to Page Setup to check that. PC Explorer hides this under Page Setup / Printer / Properties / Graphics tab.

Also, check to see if your browser is shrinking your print job to fit a 8.5x11" sheet of paper. In Netscape for Mac, go Page Setup / Netscape Communicatio Options (under the drop down menu.) Then uncheck Fit to Page. In Explorer for Mac, go Print / Internet Explorer Options (from the drop down menu) and select Crop Wide Pages. In Explorer for PC, go Page Setup / Printer / Properties / Effects.

Red Dwarf Links

Official Red Dwarf site: recently re-launched (11/00) with a fantastic amount of content, if some stupid navigational issues.

Robert Llewellyn's page: Kryten himself runs his own bizarre little page, with exclusive QuickTime videos of behind- the- scenes stuff. no further links need be listed; everything else is here... from scripts to fanfics to midi to webrings.

Gamer Comments

The Red Dwarf game you made is just too sweet!!!!!!! man i got to hand it to you and the other guys who made it.
- Sir Smegalot ,Ricky Rees

I like your rules for the red dwarf card game. I love the show and I hope you will keep working on the game. Maybe someday you can get it published, I'd buy as much as I could get my hands on.
- RealJoda

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